Brookside Square

Hillsborough, NJ

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Brookside Square at a glance

Price Range

On average homes sell between $365,500 and $445,000

Beds & Baths

Most homes have between 2 and 3 beds and Between 1.5 and 2.5 baths

Year Built

Most homes were built in 1976

Home sizes

Homes range in size between 1,360 and 1,550 sqft 


Kids will attend Triangle  Elementary School for elementary school, Hillsborough Intermediate School for intermediate school, Hillsborough Middle School for middle school, and Hillsborough High School for high school

Home Style

Homes in this neighborhood are Colonial Townhomes.

Homes for sale in Brookside Square Hillsborough, NJ

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Homes sold in Brookside Square

Everything you need to know about Brookside Square, Hillsborough, NJ

How much do homes cost in Brookside Square?

In 2023, the homes in Brookside Square ranged between $365,500 to $445,000 depending on the size, beds, baths, age, condition, layout and updates within each individual home. Another big factor is whether a basement is finished or not and what type of exterior upgrades were done in the private backyard of each home.

How big are the homes in Brookside Square?

Most of the homes in Brookside Square range between 1,360 and 1,550 square feet.

What's It like to live in Brookside Square?

Living in Brookside Square offers peaceful nights with little noise but active during the day in the warmer months. There are always people outside and walking around in the common areas. One of the most unique things about Brookside Square is that each home gets it’s own privately, fenced backyard, which is pretty rare for Townhomes. There are two pools in the community and plenty of other amenities too.

How big are the yards in Brookside Square?

Since this is a townhome, you get a roughly 20×20 fenced in backyard and the rest of the land is common area.

How big are the lots Brookside Square?

Since Brookside Square is comprised of townhomes, the lots are pretty much all the same size. You do technically own the land under you, which is different than most other townhome development, but the lots range from .03 to .04 acres.

What year were Brookside Square homes built in?

The homes in Brookside Square were built in 1976.

What schools would my kids go to in Brookside Square?

If you live in Brookside Square, your children would attend Triangle  Elementary School for K through 4th grade, Hillsborough Intermediate School for 5th and 6th grade, Hillsborough Middle School for 7th and 8th and finally Hillsborough High School for 9-12. If you want to learn more about the Hillsborough School district, watch our video here:

How far is Brookside Square from the grocery store?

While it will depend on exactly where you live in Brookside Square, it is approximately 1.5 miles to both Shoprite and Patidar grocery stores and approximately 0.8 miles to Weis Market. It should take between 3-6 minutes by driving to get to any of these stores. If you are willing to go a little further out of town, there is a Trader Joes and Costco in Bridgewater that is approximately 6.5 miles away and takes about 20 minutes to drive to.

What shopping is near Brookside Square?

Brookside Square is conveniently located near the heart of Hillsborough it is approximately 1.5 miles from the main shopping district in Hillsborough. Some other notable places are Khols, which is approximately 0.5 miles away, Walmart of Manville which is approximately 4 miles away and Bridgewater Commons Mall which is approximately 6.5 miles away.

Additionally, Brookside Square is positioned between both Somerville and Princeton which offer tons of restaurants and shopping options. These towns are both extremely walkable and are full of unique small businesses and boutique shops.

What is there to do in Brookside Square?

Brookside Square has two pools, 4 tennis courts, multiple walking paths, multiple playgrounds and jungle gyms, a clubhouse, and lots of open space that you can use.

How much are the HOA fees in Brookside Square?

As of 2023, the monthly HOA fee is $240.

What does the HOA cover in Brookside Square?

The HOA fee for Brookside Square covers the lawn maintenance, snow removal from the driveways and street, garbage and recycling, maintenance of the parks and open areas as well as the pools and playgrounds. Please note that unlike most other townhome communities in Hillsborough the exterior of the home, like roof and siding, is not covered by the HOA fee. It is always recommended to reach out to the HOA directly to confirm this as sometimes the bylaws get amended.

What amenities does BS Brookside Square have?

Brookside Square has two pools, 4 tennis courts, multiple walking paths, multiple playgrounds and jungle gyms, a clubhouse, and lots of open space that you can use.

Is Brookside Square gas or electric?

While both gas and electric utilities are located in Brookside Square, the majority of homes use Gas Fuel as the main source of cooking fuel and the heating of the homes and hot water.

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